Abey Zachariah

Previously, a part of the core team at Redbus, Abey is a liaison on the business end of Goodbox.

With experience from sectors as diverse as Banking to Sales to Technology, his cross functional insights are something of repute.

Nithin Chandra

A Computer Science Engineer from NITK, Surathkal and a PGP from IIMB. Prior to starting on his own, Nithin was with National Instruments.

As someone who just can't seem to take a break, his intellectual stimulus comes from NeuroPsychology, Robotics and Hiking.

Mahesh Herle

The Geek Gandalf, Herle loves and lives code. A true full stack engineer with over 12+ years experience with Compilers, API development, Mobile Apps and Server side.

Mohit Maheshwari

Here, there, everywhere - This is what best explains Mohit's role at Goodbox. He manages Sales & HR primarily.

An alumnus of DAIICT & IIMB, Mohit has a tendency to surprise himself when posed with challenges. He takes a keen interest in reading everything but fiction.

Anand Kelaginamani

Handles Marketing & Analytics at Goodbox.

An alumnus of NITK and IIMB, Anand dons various hats at Goodbox. Whether it be Marketing, Design or Analytics - you can trust Anand to come up with solutions. Also, the official DJ at Goodbox, he likes to read, play the guitar and write poems in his free time.

Charan Shetty

As the official Integration guy, Charan ensures that backend systems function smoothly. Integration of different modules and System APIs is handled adroitly by him.

Charan worked on optimizing and automating Data analysis at Accenture, previously. He is an ardent fan of Kishore Kumar and Roger Federer.